About Us

Gbros Software and Games Ltd is an independent video game development studio based in Lagos, Nigeria and made up of a team of three.

Meet Our Team

Ahmad Giwa

Ahmad Giwa is the team’s artist, responsible for game UI/UX design, video editing, 3D modelling and animation.

Mudathir Giwa

Mudathir Giwa is the team lead and Programmer. He is also responsible for game design, sound design, 3D modelling and animations.

Barakat Akinsiku

Barakat Akinsiku is the narrative designer responsible for creating storyline, dialogue, story arcs and character development.

Our Vision

Growing up as hardcore gamers exposed to a wide variety of games, it was always our wish to create the kind of games we would love to play. As the world gets more interconnected with African Science Fiction and Fantasy taking off in the Literary scene, it is our hope to champion a similar course in the gaming industry by making hardcore games with characters of diverse backgrounds, set within Africa but with a global appeal. This is the vision behind our brand.

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mail: support@gbrossoft.com


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